About The Company

Our company’s motto is: Building Relationships. This means we want long term and repeat customers who can depend on us for giving those fair prices and quality merchandise, but most important customer satisfaction.


We do not intend to be ‘just another retailer,’ but your own personal cooking advisor and instructor. We plan to help you make every a pleasure to prepare, a delight to present to serve and a delicious culinary experience.


Our owner started in the restaurant industry in 1947, has worked with both European-trained and American chefs, was a food and beverage manager for a leading hotel chain and taught an award winning culinary arts program for eighteen years.


We hope you will join us daily for your cooking lessons. Feel free to use our toll-free number for requests, questions, advice on purchases or any other cooking questions you may have.


Experience is the best teacher. The love of cooking is an acquired art. Our customer’s satisfaction is our goal, but most important we want to build lasting relationships.