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Food Borne Illness

Food borne illness is caused when food acts as carriers for different illnesses. There are three ways this happens.  The first and simplest reason is chemicals.  An example would be a cleaning compound with harmful chemicals gets spilled into the … Continue reading

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New Products

At the present time, the line of products that I offer is very limited.  This is because each product is selected to last for many years, be a real asset in the kitchen, and be very functional. When I find … Continue reading

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The name bacteria refer to a variety of microscopic organisms, which are everywhere. Some, which are located inside our bodies, will fight off harmful bacteria and aid in the digestion of our food. Bacteria are needed to make some cheeses, … Continue reading

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Humans a cause of food borne illness

Humans are one of the main causes of food borne illness and most of it can be prevented by just using common sense and taking a little extra time to prepare food carefully .Humans carry harmful organisms in their body … Continue reading

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Sanitation Lessons

Sanitation codes and standards for restaurants are established by the U.S. Public Health Services. Local inspectors and sometimes state and even federal inspectors see that these standards are met and maintained. However the person responsible for feeding a family has … Continue reading

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