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A well known advertising phrase is about “The incredible, edible egg”. Whoever said this, knew that eggs are really quite amazing. Eggs can be found in some drinks, appetizers, dips, soups, sauces, salads, sandwiches, entrees and desserts. They are one … Continue reading

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The concept of a restaurant started in France, where vendors would push carts and sell bowls of soup. The word restaurant comes from the stem of the French word which means restoring. Soup was and still is made by restoring … Continue reading

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Introduction to Herbs

Herbs can be used in cosmetics, liqueurs, medicine, teas, and perfumes, but primarily it is their importance in the flavoring of culinary preparations this segment hopes to impress upon you. It is a common practice to purchase dried herbs in … Continue reading

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Holiday Tip

Hate to carve a turkey in front of guests at a holiday celebration?  DON’T ! This old family tradition is an over rated, out dated, and time consuming ceremony that is really not appreciated or needed. Yes, it is impressive … Continue reading

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Types of Flour

The definition of flour is finely ground and sifted meal of a grain like wheat. It is a ground starch like product used to give structure and body to bakery products. Not all ground cereals are flour such as oatmeal … Continue reading

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