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Capers – A Little Added Touch

Capers are olive green in color and are the unopened flower buds of the caper bush, which is grown in the Mediterranean. The small buds are dried then added to some type acetic acid based solution (vinegar) with salt. In … Continue reading

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Potatoes: A Starch and a Vegetable

Potatoes are a starch that is similar to pasta, rice and bread, but potatoes are also a vegetable, which the others are not. Potatoes are the second largest crop in the world following rice. In fact, one third of all … Continue reading

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Garde Manger- The Restaurants Cold Food Station

This is my favorite station, in any professional kitchen ,as it is the area where the Garde Manger chef makes beautiful masterpieces for buffet tables or colorful and tasty canapés for a cocktail party. It has its practical and mundane … Continue reading

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Thyme is a perennial plant from the mint family. Although it has numerous varieties, including wild, it’s two most popular ones are lemon thyme and garden thyme. It can grow as high as sixteen inches or creep along the ground. … Continue reading

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The Onion Family

Members of the onion family are one of the prime sources of flavoring for many types of culinary preparations. To be considered important they, do not have to be one of the main ingredients such as in a Patti melt … Continue reading

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