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Outdoor Grilling

Grilling means the heat source is below the item to be cooked, which is the opposite of broiling, where the heat source is above the food. This method of cooking has become so popular that there are numerous selections of … Continue reading

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Comfort Foods

Some people find comfort by eating a candy bar or other type of fine chocolate. Others feel that comfort on a cold stormy winter day is a fire in the fireplace, a good DVD and freshly popped corn to be … Continue reading

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It’s Your Choice

There have been so many studies on the subject of nutrition that people have started to realize that you are what you eat and that your body needs the proper “fuel” to work and function at its peak ability. Granted … Continue reading

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Smell That Bacon

Bacon is used for so many things that restaurants buy it by the case. In the case the bacon is laid out on parchment paper sheets, which makes it easy for the cook to place these sheets of bacon on … Continue reading

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Parmesan is a Cheese and a Style of Cooking

Although Parmesan is a cheese that is grated and used to flavor items like spaghetti, it is also a style of preparation for several entrees. These include eggplant, veal, chicken or pork cutlets. The eggplant can be peeled or not … Continue reading

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