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Processed Meats

Processed meat is preserved by curing, salting or chemicals like sodium nitrite. A lot of them have four times as much sodium as fresh meat and also contain saturated fat, sugar and spices. They are assumed to cause cancer and … Continue reading

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Baked Ham

Ham is a treated piece of meat from the hind leg of a pig. To be called ham, it has to be either cured in a salt brine or dry cured.  Some hams are smoked after curing, which gives it … Continue reading

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Ratatouille – A Classic French Dish

Now that summer is over and you have a good yield in your garden, it’s a wonderful time to make the French classic vegetable dish called Ratatouille. This vegetable dish is made with fresh garden ripe tomatoes, yellow and zucchini … Continue reading

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A la Florentine

When you see on a menu that a dish is ” a la Florentine” that means that is made with spinach. It obtained its name because the future queen of France was born in Florence, Italy and she loved spinach … Continue reading

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