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Court Bouillon – That Enhancing Taste

A stock normally takes hours to extract all the flavor from its ingredients, which are usually bones, but court bouillon, which means ‘short boil,’ only takes forty-five minutes to make. This is because its main ingredients are a sautéed mirepoix, … Continue reading

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The Perfect New York Style Cheesecake

Find a recipe for a cheesecake that uses ingredients that you and your family enjoy eating. Using a “mise en place” (pronounced me-zahn-plahs, a French term that literally translates to ‘set in place’) procedure assemble and portion out all the ingredients … Continue reading

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The magic of apples starts in the springtime when their blossoms come to life. They are so pretty, that way back in the 1940s the Andrew Sisters, a singing trio, had a hit song with the lyrics: “I’ll be with … Continue reading

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Cod is a salt water, round fish that averages between two and twenty five pounds. It is a very popular fish as it has a mild flavor and is very lean. It is the fish that is most used in … Continue reading

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There are two types of squashes: thin skinned, which are called summer squashes and thick skinned, which are the winter squashes. Zucchini and yellow squashes are the summer variety and do not have to be peeled. They can be eaten … Continue reading

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