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Bay and Sea Scallops

There are two sizes of scallops, the larger are called sea scallops and their smaller relatives are bay scallops. Bay scallops are considered tastier than sea scallops and can be eaten uncooked. When eaten uncooked, sea scallops are usually served … Continue reading

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Nuts, Nuts, and More Nuts

In a recent article written by Scott Smith for the Associated Press, he states that the soaring value and demand for California nut chops are making them a target for thieves, who are stealing them by the tractor truck load. … Continue reading

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Fennel is a garden plant, which is related to the carrot and is from the parsley family. It is available from autumn through the spring season. Its bulb, stem, leaves and seeds are all used in culinary preparations. The white … Continue reading

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Citrus Fruits

Citrus is a variety of flowering shrubs and small trees that yield fruit that contain a high quality of citric acid. They are a good source of vitamin C, but the citric acid gives that a very sharp and sometimes … Continue reading

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The Feathery Fresh Dill

The feathery fresh leaves of dill and its delicate flavor complements cottage cheese, cold beets and cucumbers, eggs, fish dishes and most garden salads. Fresh dill added to mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt makes a nice dressing for many items. … Continue reading

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Potatoes, Potatoes and Potatoes!

There are about a hundred ways to prepare potatoes for serving, but most are just a slight variation to the basic three of boiling, baking and frying methods. The time it takes to cook any potato depends on its size … Continue reading

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