Flounder – A Delicate Flat Fish

Flounder is a generic name that covers the family of flat, lean-meated fish. These flat fish that have both eyes on the same side include black back (winter flounder), dab ( yellow tail), fluke ( summer flounder) and the soles which are grey, lemon and Dover. These whole fish usually only weigh around two pounds, but its most common market form is thin fillets that are ready to cook.

By starting at the small end, these thin fillets are very easy to roll. The inside area of these rolls can be stuffed with vegetables like asparagus, or spinach, diced fish such as scallops or shrimp or just a bread stuffing similar to the one used to stuff large baked stuffed shrimp. Sautéed mushrooms, celery, onions and bell peppers add flavor, texture and color to these stuffings. After the fish rolls have been baked for about thirty minutes in a 375 degree oven, they can be served topped with a rich, creamy sauce like Moray, Newburg, or cheese or just a plain drawn butter and lemon sauce.

If you wish to fry flounder, the best way is to dip it in milk and then lightly dredge it through flour, before slowly and gently frying it in drawn butter until both sides become golden brown. The flavor of a fried fillet can be enhanced by drizzling it with drawn butter and a drop of lemon juice. Sprinkling the top of the fillet with fresh chopped parsley and paprika and a lemon wedge will give it a finished appearance. Because flounder is so thin and has such a delicate taste, it is not recommended to deep fry it with a standard breading. Even ketchup or tartar sauce might distract from its delicious flavor.

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