Pineapple- A Popular Tropical Fruit

Pineapple can be used and served in many ways or forms, including hot or cold. Its juice can be drunk alone or used as a base for cocktails, which are often served from whole pineapples. The acid content of its juice makes a delectable marinade, which tenderizes and adds flavor to many food items, especially pork and chicken. Sweet and sour dishes often contain a sauce made with pineapple juice and served with chunks of pineapple.

A pineapple and a pineapple bird filled with other fruits.

The easiest way to peel fresh pineapple is to use a French knife and to cut it down its sides.  If you cut deep enough you can also remove all the small brown pits, but this is very wasteful. The best way is to take the time and cut them out individually. Fresh pineapple has an enzyme that can interfere when making some types of jelly and gelatin desserts, but canned pineapple does not contain the same enzyme.

Ever since the Dole company started growing and canning pineapple in Hawaii around the year of 1900, it has grown in popularity. Canned pineapple can be purchased as crushed, chunks, sliced or just its juice. You can find these forms in heavy or light syrup and natural pineapple juice. As canned pineapple is ready to eat right out of the can, it can be quickly added to a breakfast cereal dish or added to salads for extra nutrition, color, and texture. Some types of cottage cheese and yogurts have pieces of pineapple mixed in with the products.

Hams can be decorated with pineapple slices that have a cherry in its center and brown sugar and cloves for more seasonings. A crushed pineapple and raisin sauce that has been thickened with corn starch is frequently served with a ham entree. This hot sauce added to sliced cooked carrots makes them an attractive and tasty vegetable dish. Even pizzas are now topped with pineapple chunks or after these chunks are soaked in Kirsch ( a liqueur), they can be dipped in batter and deep fried. These fritters make a good hor d’ oeurve to serve at cocktail parties.

It is a favorite to use in desserts. Crushed pineapple has been a topping of many sundaes and parfaits. It is also one of the main ingredients in a made from scratch carrot cake, pineapple pie or tart.

My favorite way to use a pineapple, is the wonderful presentation it gives when used fresh and whole. Once it is cored and the fruit removed from its shell, it makes a festive bowl in which to serve a fresh fruit salad or even a chicken or shrimp salad with extra pineapple chunks. People not only judge food by its taste, but by the way it looks. Nothing looks nicer than a pineapple bird, which if filled with delightful morsels.

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