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Maxam Chrome Professional and Home Meat Mincer Suggested Retail $ 111.95 – My Price $ 64.95 Image being able to make your child his/her favorite chopped ham and pickle sandwich or your guest a beautiful stuffed tomato salad plate with chopped turkey or chicken salad. It’s easy to turn leftovers into a cost efficient meal with this handy and easy to use appliance.
Precise Heat Surgical Stainless Steel Oversize Skillet, Steamer, and Cover Suggested Retail $ 399.00 – My Price $ 120.95This set is one that I believe everyone would benefit by owning and using. Nothing tastes better or is more nutritious than freshly steamed vegetables. This set is very functional as it can be used as an oversize skillet, steamer, or even a deep fry pan.
Item KT17
Maxam 9 Element Cookware Suggested Retail $1595.00 – My Price $288.0.
After carefully researching the many stainless steel pots and pans available on the market, I selected the 17 pc. , 9 element, steam control surgical steel “waterless” cookware set as the best value for its reasonable price. There are many advantages to using stainless steel pots and pans. They help save money as they both last a lifetime and can be stacked while cooking, saving burner space. Stainless steel cookware saves time as it’s easy to clean, and even saves space as it looks so nice that it can be displayed in easy-to-reach racks. Most importantly, food cooks with less water and is more nutritious. Each set comes with a recipe book and easy instructions, packed in a gift box.
Heavy Duty Maxam Stainless Steel Rectangular Chafing Dish with Roll Top Suggested Retail $ 598.95 – My Price $ 215.25.
If you want to impress your guests as a gracious hostess or a professional caterer, this beautiful heavy duty stainless steel rectangular roll top chafing dish will help you achieve your wish. It functions like a regular chafing dish, but gives a much more professional presentation.
Heavy Duty Maxam Stainless Steel Round Chafing Dish with Roll Top for Professional Use Suggested Retail $ 481.95 – My Price $ 185.95.
If you only need a smaller version of Maxam’s heavy duty professional chafing dish, choose this round roll top one.
World’s Finest 7-Ply 304 Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware Set Suggested Retail $2195.00 – My Price $595.00If you are a professional chef or cook, I would select one of the finest sets on the market. This 17-piece set has 7-ply construction that guarantees even cooking, phenolic handles, and is a lifetime investment.
Chef’s Secret Mandoline Slicer Set Suggested Retail $ 117.95 – My Price $54.95Use this handy and easy-to-clean machine to host a “make your own grinder” party, offering your guests a selection of evenly sliced tomatoes, peppers, onions and other items to create their own made-to-order sandwich. It’s a fast way to slice potatoes for au gratin potatoes or even potato chips. It stands on folding legs and has a polypropylene safety food holder.
Item CTCASE 21
Slitzer 22 Pc. Professional Chef’s Cutlery Set in Case Suggested Retail $ 321.95 – My Price $ 141.55A good chef always has his/her own case of assorted knives. The chef knows the importance of using the correct sharp knife for safety reasons. Chefs also get a “feel” for their knives (just as a bowler gets a “feel” for his own ball), and know from experience exactly how much force they should apply when using them. This is so important that most chefs won’t let anyone use their knives for fear their valuable tools may be abused.
Item KTVC7
Maxam Vegetable Chopper Suggested Retail $ 292.95 – My Price $ 98.75When vegetables are cut evenly, it give a nicer presentation and helps them cook faster and more uniformly. This versatile machine achieves the desired product, is easy to clean, and is safe to use. It actually saves time and money too!
Nikita 47 Pc. China Suggested Retail $ 177.95 – My Price $ 114.25A basic lesson in restaurant management is that presentation is the key to success. The same principle applies to home cooking and entertaining. This fine set of china will show your family and guests that you intend to give them a pleasant experience in dining, including ambiance.
Item FW72
Sterlingcraft 72 Pc Heavy Gauge Surgical Stainless Steel Flatware and Hostess Set Suggested Retail $ 186.95 – Kitchenware Marketplace Price $ 58.00
Chef’s Secret T304 Stainless Steel Rectangular Roaster with Rack Suggested Retail $ 134.95 – My Price $ 54.95This large stainless steel roasting pan with rack is perfect for roasting a large turkey or Prime Rib of Beef. It is large enough to make a delicious braised meal for a large family or group of friends.
Item KTSP24
Precise Heat 24qt 12-Element ”Waterless” Stockpot with Deep Steamer Basket Suggested Retail $ 399.00 – My Price $ 99.95This stainless steel 24 Qt. stockpot is very versatile and can be used as a steamer for large items as well as a stockpot that requires very little water. It is ideal for large family gatherings and other social functions.
Chefmaster 5pc Jumbo Kitchen Tool Set Suggested Retail $ 67.00 – My Price $ 34.95This set of essential tools will aid you with your cooking needs. The pasta fork makes serving spaghetti easy and the ladle for sauces, soups, stews, and gravies. From flipping eggs, hamburgers, or a grilled cheese sandwich; the spatula is perfect. The strainer spoon separates the cooking liquids from vegetables and the solid spoon keeps sauces with the vegetable and other dishes. You will find these tools to be ideal and handy for your everyday culinary chores.
Item KTSFN12
Chef’s Secret T304 Stainless Steel Stir-Fry Pan with Dome Lid Suggested Retail $ 160.00 – My Price $ 58.50This stainless steel pan is the perfect size for your stir-fry meal. It is constructed so that it can be used for induction cooking, which is the technology which cooks food faster while using less energy.
Item KTAL16
Chef’s Secret 16pc Red Aluminum Cookware Set Suggested Retail $ 199.95 – My Price $ 84.95This is a great set for a recreational vehicle, cabin cruiser, or for people who prefer “roughing it” in a tent. You have all of your cooking needs for one low price.
Item KTPC5
Precise Heat 5pc T304 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Set Suggested Retail $ 231.95 – My Price $ 89.95This 5 piece set will serve all of your pressure cooking needs. Besides saving cooking time, it will save nutrients too.
Item KTPC942
Precise Heat 12-Element Low-Pressure, Pressure Cooker Suggested Retail $ 499.00 – My Price $ 147.50Although these low-pressure cookers save cooking time, they are unique because you can open them at any time. This is a big safety factor.