World’s Finest 7-Ply 304 Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Each piece is constructed of extra-heavy stainless steel and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Steam control valves make “waterless” cooking easy and the 7-ply construction spreads heat quickly and evenly, allowing one stack to cook. Cookware is also equipped with superbly styled phenolic handles resistant to heat, cold and detergents. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. White box.

Suggested Retail Price : $2195.00

My Price : $595.00

  • 1.7qt Covered Saucepan
  • 2.5qt Covered Saucepan
  • 3.2qt Covered Saucepan
  • 7.5qt Covered Roaster
  • 11-3/8″ Skillet, Double Boiler Unit With Capsule Bottom That You Can Also Use As An Extra 3qt Saucepan
  • 5 Egg Cups
  • 5 Hole Utility Rack And High Dome Cover With Capsule Bottom So You Can Use As A Frypan
    Cover Fits Skillet Or Roaster